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Talking Tom: Gold Run Android Gameplay 1

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The robber stole Tom’s bag of gold, and Tom needs to get it back. This video shows the exact gameplay of Talking Tom: Gold Run. In this video, Tom chases the robber, trying his best to back the gold that was stolen from him. He runs into some obstacles, and has to jump up and slide under the fences, go up the train, dodge rolling snowballs and big rocks! There are tons of obstacles that Tom has to go through just so he can recover his gold.


Tom can also enter different worlds like Candy land, Beach, Cave, Snow Island, and different cities. Tom finds some boost-up item in his adventure that helps him to make his journey a little bit easier. Some of these are the gold magnet (tool that magnets all the gold he crosses along his journey), Helmet (Gives Tom protection and just like having an extra life with a limit of time), Air wings (Gives Tom wings and gives him an ability to fly to get some gold floating in the air), and many more tools. The game’s setting and graphics are quite similar to the game Subway Surfers. The difference, however, is that you’re the one chasing someone, instead of being chased. Also, this game is more fun and exciting to play anytime and anywhere. Just continue chasing the robber and get your gold back!


Talking Tom: Gold Run Android Gameplay 2


This video shows another adventure where Tom’s friend, Ben, tries his luck to recover the stolen gold. It’s a bit similar to Tom’s adventure, but a lot more exciting. Ben’s adventure is actually more difficult than Tom’s adventure. The first world that he goes into is the jungle world where he faces some obstacles like jumping above the rolling pillars, and dodging all the falling pillars. It is a cool adventure because in some part of the game, the game perspective goes in different ways so you need fast response skills in order to dodge all the obstacles you encounter as your journey continues. Go help Ben recover his gold!


Game Comparisons  

There are a lot of 3D running-themed games that you can play– Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, Talking Tom Gold Run and etc. Even though these games were created by different game companies, they all have similar gameplay concept. They only differ in the characters, graphics, setting, obstacles, and storyline.

Let’s take a look at the comparisons between these games!


Talking Tom Gold Run VS Subway Surfers



The video linked above shows a gameplay comparison between Subway Surfers and Talking Tom Gold Run. Talking Tom Gold Run was created by Outfit7 Limited and Subway Surfers was created by Kiloo.

Talking Tom Gold Run is set in an urban neighborhood and sometimes the highway while Subway Surfers is in a train station and/or a railroad setting. The main players in Subway Surfers are Graffiti artists who are also teenagers and in Talking Tom Gold Run are cute animals.

In terms of graphics, they have the same cartoonish style. The obstacles are almost similar considering the setting of both games. The players run on the ground and most of the time on top of vehicles – trains for Subway Surfers and trucks or cars for Talking Tom Gold Run. You should be able to avoid the incoming vehicles and jump over or slide under road barriers.

In both games, you need to collect gold bars (Talking Tom Gold Run) or coins (Subway Surfers) as you run and you’ll come across power-ups along the way. However, in Subway Surfers, your character is being chased by a local inspector and his dog while in Talking Tom Gold Run, the character is the hero trying to catch a thief.



Talking Tom Gold Run VS Temple Run 2



In this video, it shows the difference between Talking Tom God Run and Temple Run 2. Temple Run 2 was made by Imangi Studios.

Both have the same game concept but they also differ in so many ways. To begin with, these two games have different themes. While Talking Tom Gold Run and Subway Surfers almost share the same theme, Temple Run 2 is unlike those games. Temple Run 2 follows a Tomb

Raider theme gameplay and has more detailed and realistic graphics. Talking Tom Gold Run has more simplified graphics and a more cartoony approach.

As discussed earlier, Talking Tom Gold Run has cute talking animals for its players. In Temple Run 2, they are explorers or adventurers with their own special skills and abilities. The pathway in Temple Run 2 rotates when turning right or left while in Talking Tom Gold Run, it only goes straight with minimal curves. The obstacles in Temple Run 2 are more challenging than in Talking Tom Gold Run.

In Temple Run 2, after stealing a relic from the temple, your character is being chased by a monster and you must be careful not to get eaten or die while running. Your character might trip over a root of a tree and get eaten by the monster instantly or there are instances where they fall off a cliff, or get burned or get torn into pieces! It depends on the obstacle.

In Talking Tom Gold Run, your character is chasing a thief in a road or highway setting. The gold bars that you can collect come from the thief’s bag. You can run on top of vehicles and jump over or slide down road barriers. Just be careful not to get hit by the incoming vehicle!

These kinds of games are fun to play when you’re trying to kill some time. They can be challenging but entertaining. Want to try a different running game?

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