Talking Tom Gold Run Guide

Oh no! There’s a fast-running raccoon thief!

Talking Tom Gold Run Guide Gameplay

The Talking Tom Gold Run gameplay is very easy to understand. The goal of this game is to catch the Raccoon gold thief. It’s a running game with an endless road that leads you to different places. You must collect as many gold bars as you can that fall out of the robber’s bag. Unlike other running games, this one lets you switch to three different lanes. It’s your choice which lane to take.

The controls for this game are simple as well. Just swipe left and right to switch lanes. Swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide under road barriers.

You may encounter some obstacles along the way like jumping over road barriers or sliding down if they’re too high.  You can also run on top of moving trucks and vehicles by walking up a ramp. Be sure to make it in perfect timing when you jump from truck to truck because you may fall off!

Check out the sample gameplay video here!

Not all obstacles are the same though. The environment changes depending on the character you select.


There are four power-ups that you can use to get more bonuses and coins in the game but they only last for a while. These power-ups are also upgradable so you can use them a bit longer. These are the Magnet Duration, Helmet Duration, Plane Duration and the Double Bars Duration.

You can learn more about it here!


Characters, Their Homes and Gameplay Environment

There are five default characters that you can play. They are none other than Talking Tom and his friends! Each character has different environments and houses. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The first one would be Talking Tom. Tom is the leader of the group. He is a grey cat with darker grey stripes on his face. He has white eyebrows and big green eyes. Tom is wearing a neon green round neck shirt and blue jean shorts. He doesn’t wear any shoes though.

His environment is a simple urban neighborhood however it tends to update depending on the season. The environments adapt to the real-life time setting and it usually adds holiday decorations (ex. Christmas, Halloween and etc.) He has a suburban red house with a pool in the front yard.

You can unlock the rest of the characters by upgrading Tom’s House first. And once you’ve done it, you can unlock Angela!


Talking Angela

Talking Angela is the next character that you can unlock in the game. She’s a pretty white cat with ocean blue eyes. She’s wearing a pink tank top and blue jeans with a light brown belt. She also doesn’t wear any shoes.

She owns a white beach house with multiple floors. It has a modern touch to it and she lives right next to the ocean! Her environment is very different from Tom’s. Since she lives near the beach, her gameplay environment is also along the shore. It still has three lanes but the 1st lane might have some road gaps. Be careful! You might fall into the water!

Once you have completed Angela’s house, you can unlock Hank!


Talking Hank

Talking Hank is the next character that can be unlocked. He is a friendly white dog with indigo-blue ears and light-brown eyes with a spot around his left eye. Hank sports an orange shirt with a red jacket. He is wearing a darker pair of jeans compared to Tom and Angela. He also doesn’t have any shoes.


Hank lives in a Volkswagen Bus and it’s a much simpler setting than Tom’s or Angela’s. The only things that are upgradable in his house are the bus itself, the table set on top of the bus and his small music area in the front yard. His environment is in a highway desert. Unlike Angela’s tropical beach setting, Hank is in a warmer environment where there’s sand everywhere, amazing rock formations, cacti and cow skulls.

Complete Hank’s House and you’ll get Ginger next!


Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger is the fourth character. His appearance looks a lot like Tom but they differ in color and wardrobe. Ginger is an orange cat with dark orange stripes on his face. He has cream-colored eyebrows and big blue eyes. He is wearing a yellow and maroon striped polo shirt with blue jeans. And just like the other animals, he doesn’t wear any shoes as well.

Ginger likes to be in the forest so he lives in a tree house. But it’s not just any tree house. He has an elevator, a slide from the main house to the ground and two balconies.  His environment is in a forest next to a river. Unlike other gameplay, this has only one lane. Ginger’s gameplay environment has the most unique one. The curved forest path can only be viewed in a certain angle. The obstacles are different too! A part of the ground pops up and you should jump over them. The forest is accessible via an underpass and once you’re in, you have to run until the end of the forest. But it returns to the normal environment similar to Tom’s and the view returns to a central angle again.

Next up is Ben! How do you unlock him? Same drill.


Talking Ben

Talking Ben is the fifth character to be unlocked. He is an adventurous light-brown greyish dog with a large black nose and hazel brown eyes. Hank’s wearing a red plaid shirt with a white shirt underneath. He is wearing dark green jeans. And just like the rest, he’s also not wearing shoes.

Ben likes to go on adventures and he lives in a tent! There is a wooden balcony on top and a small terrace in the front. He owns a hot-air balloon too. However, his house is more difficult to upgrade than the rest of the characters. His gameplay environment is in a forest but it’s more challenging. Ben’s Adventure has a pathway (that seems to be near a temple) going through a forest. Pillars, small hills or parts of the pathway pop out of nowhere, so watch the road!

These characters come in different variants and they also have different outfits. You can check them out in the latest updates!

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