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Here are the best and latest Talking Tom Gold Run updates ever! The latest updates includes: (new worlds, new special characters, new missions, new rewards and new home decorations) of Talking Tom: Gold Run. All of these can add spices and excitement in your game experience in this game. Play My Talking Tom: Gold Run for free!

Talking Tom: Gold Run is an exciting endless running game which is quite similar to the game Subway Surfers. The only difference is you’re not the one who is being chased, you’re the one who is chasing! Your aim is to chase the robber and get your gold back! You can get it back by collecting gold bars along the run. So, you need to run fast like a wind without getting bumped into the obstacles placed in the road in order for you to catch the robber!

Unlock New Worlds

So, go far and beyond as you explore new worlds when you upgrade your own home. This sounds interesting and exciting, right?! New tracks, new obstacles, new cities, and jungles. Just run as fast and as far as you can to go to other worlds like jungles and cities. There are a lot more interesting when you update your game. Update it now to experience fun and excitement!

Special Characters in Talking Tom Gold Run

Moreover, do you think Talking Tom and his friends don’t have special abilities? Do you know that they have? Yes, they do! Well, switch into superhero mode like Iron Tom, Iron Ben and etc! Chase the sneaky robber that blocking the street and destroy the robber’s truck.  You need to dodge all the obstacles laid by the robber like trucks, fences, cars, walls, and etc., You can kick chili bombs in the road at him to slow down his speed in running. You can also win some gifts and rewards on the racing leaderboard weekly!

Endless Running

With the challenge of endless running and racing, the game’s excitement never ends! Just focus on swiping right and swiping right in order for you to not get bumped in the obstacles you will encounter as you take your adventure and run. All you need to do is to jump, slide, go to the right, to the left and DODGE! You need to get back your stolen gold. Go run for it!

Decorative Home

Furthermore, there are new amazing homes to build for Talking Tom and his friends. You can use the gold bars you’ve collected to decorate, upgrade and build houses for Talking Tom and his friends. You need to upgrade your homes to unlock other characters like Talking Angela, Talking Ben and other of Tom’s friends. Collect as many gold bars as you can! Go run and get some gold, ‘lil fella!

In Talking Tom, Missions Are Possible!

Also, there are new, fun and exciting missions to accomplish and finish for Talking Tom and his friends. You can win nice and cool rewards any time you finished a mission. Grab your back and tie your shoelaces tight and go for another action-packed adventure!

So, get ready, get set, and RUN! Download the Talking Tom Gold Run now!