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Talking Tom Gold Run Tips


Talking Tom Gold Run sure sounds easy enough but every player can use some Tips and Tricks to make the most out of each game.  In this game, your feline character does not only have nine lives but unlimited lives. If you stumble on an obstacle and the game is over, you might want to spend your dynamites to respawn on the same spot.

But believe me, if you are not that far off the run, just restart. Save the dynamites when you have already beaten your best score and have reached a new height. Use your dynamites for diamond chests and just have another go. 

Run as Far as You Can

When you play Talking Tom Gold Run, you will want to run and go for as long as possible – well that is the objective of the game, but this also allows you to beat every high score you and your friends have established. To make the most of each run, keep an eye out for some boosters and power-ups scattered throughout the game.

Once spot a power-up, make sure to switch lanes ASAP. Don’t wait for the last minute, usually when you do this, and you miss getting the power-up. Don’t mind the few bars of golds that you will miss, because, with the power-ups, the next minutes of your run will be twice as rewarding.


Talking Tom Gold Run Running Game



Grab the Parcel at the Start

Players often miss this, on the starting screen, there is a parcel drop out. Every time you see this, tap on it. With that, you can watch video ads that will give you bonuses for upgrades. You can watch a few videos in a row. After each video, you’ll be presented with parcels to choose from.

Each parcel contains some upgrade coins that can be used to boost your character’s abilities and some extra goodies – free stage retries and double up the number of your golds after a stage run. The videos aren’t that long, you’ll only be spending like 2 to 3 minutes, and they are worth it. . 


Talking Tom Gold Run Gold Item


Hidden Trick

Have you used up all your boosters and power-ups? While you can’t wait for a new treasure chest, we’ve got a trick for you to do. So, this is to trick the game into giving you another treasure chest without waiting for hours. You will need to go to your phone or PC’s date and time settings and set the time to whenever you are supposed to get the next chest.

You can do this trick as many times as you want, but when you set back your time to its typical setting,   you won’t get a chest for quite a while. It’s like you get your chests in advance. So, use this trick to your discretion. 

On your next playthrough, make sure to apply these tips and tricks! We guarantee you a better and more fun gameplay experience! Download the game here