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Talking Tom Gold Run: Gold Bricks Tips

Talking Tom Gold Run Bricks


Are you wondering about the point of collecting gold bricks in Talking Tom Gold Run? Well, we’ve got it all for you! This page is dedicated mainly to help you out with how to manage and how to use your hard-earned gold bricks efficiently!

The game’s main currency of the game is gold bricks. It can be used in a few different ways, but it seems to come down to the same thing. You can use these golds to build character houses and purchase some upgrades or power-ups. The upgrades can boost your score multiplier and can also help you get one step nearer to unlocking a new area.

My Talking Tom Gold Run Character

Let’s talk about character houses! The first character you can play of course is the one and only, Tom. Our neighbourhood, tomcat. Once you build his house, you will then unlock Angela’s first run. Same with all the other characters as you build house after house.

So, if you want to unlock all the characters, you must focus on building and upgrading one house after another with your golds. Every home upgrade will give you a score multiplier. So, before heading out on the run, check your gold and upgrade if possible this guarantees more gold bricks to catch!

Talking Tom Gold Run Characters

You can buy chests filled with power-ups and boosters using your golds as well. They can give you plenty of bonuses, such dynamite, premium currencies used to upgrade Tom and his friends, and ironically, more gold. Although as a player, I wouldn’t worry about purchasing chests as a free one becomes available every 8 hours.

At one point in time, you will run out of gold, and you will wonder, how can you get more gold? I’d say, go for a run and keep an eye out for “special zones”. These are lanes marked by tunnels. Make your way in, and you’ll be transported to a new area where extra gold bricks will greet you. Your character’s maneuvering will be switched up that will allow you to capture even more gold bricks.


Another thing before we wrap up, make sure to hop on that plane power up when you come across one. It is the most effective way to collect gold bricks! It allows you to acquire more gold bricks without having to worry about getting stunned by obstacles. Gold is everything in this game. So, make sure to apply these tips and collect every gold at all costs!

So what are you waiting for? Experience the game by downloading and playing Talking Tom Gold Run on your PC for free!