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Welcome to the Talking Tom Gold Run cheats and hacks! Need to upgrade a house? Do you need more gold? What are Power-Ups? How do you get them? Don’t worry, here are tips and tricks that will help you in the long run!

Gold Bars

Truth be told, there are no coins in this game but instead, you get gold bars! These gold bars can be collected as you run in the game. They actually fell out of the Raccoon thief’s bag. Gather as many gold bars as you can so you can build your current character’s house and unlock new characters and levels!

How do you get more gold bars without playing?

One of the ways you can get free gold is by opening vaults. They also come with bonus items such as power-ups, dynamite and things that you need to upgrade your character’s house. Sometimes you come across a free vault during the game, be sure to get it. You can also purchase a vault by using gold bars but you don’t have to worry about that because a free vault will be available every after 8 hours. So, save your gold and just wait for the free vault!

Can’t Wait to Get the Free Vault?

You can adjust the time and date settings on your phone. Set the time ahead according to how much time left in the countdown to be able to open the vault. Do it multiple times to get unlimited free vaults. But of course, every cheat has a consequence. Once you set the time back to normal, the free time you used will be added to the vault-countdown so you might not be able to get another free vault for a long time.

Another way to earn more gold is by watching advertisements in the game. You’ll be given free gold after watching the video. Lastly, you can also gain coins by playing other games created by the company. You get the coins by completing goals in the game. There’s a download list of the games when you click the gold bar icon.


Here is a video tutorial on how to get more gold and dynamites using a generator. 

DISCLAIMER: CHEATING IS A CRIME and it’s not that fun!


Power-Ups are the special tools you can use to gain more coins and survive longer in the game. You can find them along the way as you run, or get them for free in vaults or purchase them using the gold you have collected. Let’s check out each power-ups!

  • The Magnet helps you collect gold bars with ease. You don’t need to go to each lane just to collect them, instead let them come to you.
  • The Helmet protects you in the obstacle and lets you survive a crash but only once.
  • The Plane lets you fly in the air and skip the busy streets. You can also collect bonus coins while you’re in the air.
  • The Double Bars or the 2x multiplier doubles the gold you have collected in the game.

Power-Ups can only last for a limited time but you can upgrade them so they could last a bit longer. Each character has their own maximum upgrade for each power-up. For example, Ginger’s Helmet Duration could get more upgrade than Tom’s. Tom’s Magnet Duration can be upgraded more than Ginger’s.

Other Tips & Tricks

All Power-Ups are very useful but the top three power-ups would be; The Magnet Duration, The Plane Duration and Double Bars Duration.

  • Make the Plane Duration your top priority in upgrading a power-up. Combine this with the Double Bars Duration and you’ll be able to get enough gold to upgrade other power-ups and even unlock other characters!
  • Even when running in the game, grab the Plane when you have the chance just make sure you won’t get killed! You can restart a race using dynamites (you’ll need to use most likely 2-4 pieces) that you have collected.
  • You can also use the dynamite to double your gold when you reach above 3,000 or more. But better save it for the Diamond vault to get house upgrades.
  • Watch videos to get bonus items! It will be worth the wait.
  • Take the tunnels. It’s much safer than in the streets. Plus, you get to go in a different environment!
  • Do not even attempt to jump over a vehicle from the street level. You’ll never make it anyway.
  • Always start the vault timers right away! It’ll take you hours before you can open it.
  • Look out for the robber before he disappears! He will give you a quick guide in which lane you should take.

You think you’re ready to play Talking Tom Gold Run? Challenge yourself and download Talking Tom Gold Run for PC here!