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The Festive Lunar New Year in Talking Tom Gold Run

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The Lunar New Year is near and awesome games are preparing new and awesome in-game events for players. One such game is Talking Tom Gold Run. It’s an action running game that’s published by Outfit7 Limited. You play as either Tom and his friends while chasing robbers. But like any title of this genre, it’s full of obstacles you have to avoid to close the gap between you and your malevolent thief.

As fun as it is, it always needs something new. Fortunately, the Lunar New Year update will bring just that. Feast your eyes on marvelous 3D decorations, new events, and characters that’ll motivate you to play for hours. But enough teasing, let’s get right down to discussing what new content the game has in store for players.

A Background Fit For The Lunar Festivities

You will notice when you play Talking Tom Gold Run during this two-week event is that the background has changed. It is now decorated for the Lunar New Year festivities, as you will see lanterns hanging while chasing the robber. But aside from the lanterns, you’ll also notice other Lunar New Year decorations on the street as you run forward. Even Tom’s home is joining the festivities, as his mailbox and yard are also decorated for the celebration. You will get into the celebratory mood as you play this game.

Lunar New Year Themed Characters

Aside from the background decorations, the developers also made sure that there will be characters available for the festivities. The update comes with two new Lunar New Year-themed pals to acquire and use in the game. They are General Tom and Lucky Angela. They’re both dressed and ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year with you while you try to chase the robber. In order to get these dashing furry friends, you need to participate in a special event.

Talking Tom Gold Run Update

The Fortune Festival Event to Celebrate Lunar New Year

The developers also provided an event to celebrate the occasion. It’s called the Fortune Festival Event and it’s where you can win various rewards, including the two new characters. Here, you basically just have to play the game. But instead of just collecting all the gold, you must also try to collect as many red envelopes as you can.

You will come across several red envelopes and grabbing them gives you access to special rewards. They can be exchanged for more diamonds, lucky cards, gold, General Tom, and Lucky Angela. Gold will be the cheapest reward you can get as it will cost you only one red envelope for 100 gold. If you want diamonds, you will need 40 red envelopes for five diamonds.

If you prefer the bigger rewards, you can go for lucky cards, which costs 110 red envelopes. You can get either characters, currency, or power-ups from these cards. There’s also the Diamond Vault, which can contain diamonds, dynamites, gold bars, or four different silver coins for upgrades. The vault will cost 630 red envelopes. For the characters, Lucky Angela costs 1250 red envelopes while General Tom costs 1000 red envelopes.

Aside from playing the game, there is another way to get more envelopes. You can exchange your dynamite for envelopes. 40 dynamite will get you 45 red envelopes while 200 dynamite can get you 435 red envelopes.

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Double Up Reward for Fortune Festival

The developers also know that collecting envelopes won’t be easy. So they are offering promos to help you collect more of them. The Double Up reward will net you twice the red envelopes you get daily. To take advantage of this, you just have to play the game every 4 PM and 8 PM (GMT+8). Whenever you pick up a red envelope, it will double during this time.

This will make it easier for you to collect the needed items and exchange them for awesome rewards. Remember, the event will last for two weeks, so you will have 14 days to collect all the rewards you want.

Join Talking Tom at The Lunar Festival

Outfit7 Limited did really well with this Lunar New Celebration update. It didn’t just bring in new characters, but also gave players a chance to get old ones through Lucky Cards. The length of the event is also sufficient, giving players enough time to get as many of the rewards as possible.

Overall the Lunar New Year Celebration is a great event on Talking Tom Gold Run. It’s a fun addition to an already wonderful game title. This action running game is one of the best in the gaming market, and you wouldn’t want to miss out. It’s beautiful, engaging, and easy to play! You could spend hours playing Talking Tom Gold Run. You should try it out on your PC to get the best experience out of it.