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Download Talking Tom Gold Run PC or MAC now! Stop that Raccoon robber – he’s got your gold! He’s fast, but he’s still clumsy! Use the gold bars he’s dropped from the hole in his bag to build and upgrade amazing homes for Talking Tom and his friends! Once you’ve finished the beautiful homes and gardens, you will eventually unlock new worlds!

Download Talking Tom Gold Run PC? MAC? Or Mobile?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s run in the name of fun, and go for gold! It’s time to download Talking Tom gold run PC right now!

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What is Talking Tom Gold Run?

Goodness grief, a raccoon robber has made it off with all your hard-collected gold bars! You had plans to buy houses and upgrade your lawn! But wait, you notice that the bag he’s carrying is giving way to the weight of the gold bars and soon, a stitch on the bag bursts open and out drop a gold bar… and then some more. You’re in luck. You grab the tattered running shoes that’s been collecting dust for so long and throw them on – the raccoon robber’s not going to get away with all your gold bars! Not when you’re a running cat!


In Talking Tom Gold Run, retrieve all the gold bars from the racing raccoon robber so that you can store up the money to get your dream houses for the Talking Tom and friends group! You need to catch him – or the gold bars – fast! Maybe you should use your first gold bar to purchase a great pair of running shoes and tear after the thieving raccoon. You can even switch players when your dear Tom needs a serious break from all that running. Play with Ginger, Hank, Ben or Angela – hey, they ought to also work for their dream houses!


Join Talking Tom and his friends (nope that doesn’t include Garfield), and take back what the raccoon’s stolen! It’s an endless runner game that’s highly dependent on your control reflexes! Dodge, jump, slide under or swerve side to side in this game – good thing you’re a cat, and that means you already have nine lives!


About Talking Tom

OK, so who on earth is Talking Tom? He’s a grey tabby cat, full of charisma and enthusiasm. He’s also the leader and glue of the Talking Tom and Friends group! Sometimes he can be full of himself, but thank goodness those times are few – he’s busy having fun to bother with his ego at times! If you love Talking Tom in this game already, then you need to try My Talking Tom, a virtual pet app that allows you to take care and groom a baby Talking Tom into an adult cat over the span of 999 levels!

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